Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our upcoming Spanish Mastiff litter

Our F litter of Spanish Mastiff's is due any day now and I am extremely excited to finally see these lovely pups from our beautiful Zoe (Agora del Viejo Paramo) and Ivan (Iker de Picu Xiana)! I adore both of these dogs for their temperaments, personalities and working ability and am impressed by them daily (as are the thousands of people who have met them). I think that they will produce some spectacular pups!
This litter is so important for not only the genetic diversity that they will provide here in the US, since they'll be completely unrelated to all but one other dog, but for their temperaments, health and soundness as well. 

Neither Zoe or Ivan have ever had any health issues whatsoever and are structurally sound with excellent movement and agility. Both are exceptional working dogs (tho Ivan still has occasional issues with the birds) and are extremely intelligent. Their temperaments are near perfect and these two are my easiest dogs to take along to all the educational and fun events we attend yearly around the Midwest. They always take the excitement of these events in stride regardless of being surrounded by hundreds to thousands of people at each one.
above photo from November '12

We gave Zoe a bath today and brought her inside in preparation of her whelping. The bath was necessary since she had had a run in with a skunk a few weeks ago! Since the weather is still unpredictable, and I like to stay close by the first two weeks in particular (I actually sleep within 15 feet of the pups), she'll have her pups in our walk in pantry which makes it easier for me to keep an eye (and ears) on things.
Zoe is not used to being inside and each time I took her outside, she has headed straight back to the barn and pasture. She's missing her goats and work buddies...
 Ivan was very happy to see Zoe!

When I called Zoe to go back inside, she had to think long and hard about leaving the goats again before responding!
I'll be posting lots of pictures once the pups are born!
Lois Jordan http://www.fallcreekfarm.net