Friday, December 30, 2011


I'm feeling pretty confident that the breeding between Aislinn and Logan took! She has been acting very clingy the past week. Since I have quite a few farms waiting for pups from this breeding, I'm really hoping she'll give us more than a single pup this time! Hilary in particular is very excited, since Aislinn is her dog and she'll have primary care of the litter. I am so proud of what a fabulous job Hilary always does with the pups!

Here are a few pics of our single pup Cooper that Aislinn and Logan gave us in late January of 2011. He was a hugely popular little guy!

Lois Jordan

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Breeding Zoe and Leon

I thought I would post a quick note to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. I am visiting my friends Steve and Edna Moreno here in Colorado over Christmas weekend while we hope for the best Christmas present... A successful breeding between Zoe to Leon (Romulo de Campollano)! Her timing could have been better since I would have preferred to be home for Christmas, but I am having a wonderful time with Steve and Edna and have been welcomed like family. They are such wonderful friends to have opened their house and shared their holiday with me :-) It is appreciated!

Hopefully we will see this trip come to fruition in late February! This is a breeding we've planned since we imported Zoe from Spain and after seeing the two of them together, we can't help but be even more excited about the possible puppies!
One thing I can say with assurance is that any pups between Zoe and Leon will be heavy boned, have skin to spare, great movement and be extremely large!

This will be only the second litter of pure Spanish lines born here in the US in well over 5 years. Very exciting and important for the genetic diversity they will bring! (See my blog post from 10/3 about the lack of genetic diversity here).  These pups will be the only litter expected to be born in 2012 that will be unrelated to almost all of the Spanish Mastiff's here in the US. In fact, they will be unrelated to all but 8 Spanish Mastiffs currently in the US (Leon sired a litter out of Gitana).

I hope to keep two, but I have had people waiting for over a year for pups from Zoe, so we will see...
Merry Christmas!
Lois Jordan