Monday, November 21, 2011

The new farm

The move to the new farm is pretty well complete now and we are loving the new place!

We are in a fabulous old farmhouse that has been well maintained (new roof, septic, electric, etc). The house has hardwood floors throughout and a walk in pantry that I find so cool!

Both the animals and I are absolutely wild about the barn (I think I talk about the barn more than the house LOL!) and we have it set up very nicely for the animals and our own convenience.  I would also like to add that it too has a new roof! ;-)

The does indoor pen is about 10x100 feet and has it's own private entrance/exit to their 8 acre pasture. The bucks are being housed at the far end of the barn in one of the 5 box stalls already built in for the winter (so we can do all the chores inside!) and they also have their own pasture fenced off temporarily. The bucks will be moved to a separate building on the property in the spring (what used to be a hog shed). The birds are penned in another large box stall that we enclosed with netting until they get used to this being their new home.
The dogs have the run of it all!


I am find it very interesting watching the dogs and the goats in their new environment! The dogs are keeping very close to the goats while they figure out what the predator situation may be here, and the goats no longer wander as far from the dogs as they did at the old place. I think that after 10 years of having LGD's at the old farm, the predators just steered clear of that property altogether and all the animals became comfortable with the status quo. The dogs and puppies are being extremely guardy and very much on top of every new sound and movement.

Life is wonderful!!

Lois Jordan


  1. All we got to say it looks Fantabulous..

    Beautiful and the pups and the goats all look like they really enjoy the new home, En Hora Buena...

  2. Me gusta mucho , la casa es preciosa y la granja bien grande ,seguro que allí tu familia y tus animales seréis muy felices.

  3. We are all enjoying the new farm so much! We will definitely be in great physical shape living here since everything is either up a hill or down one! It will feel like a long, cold trip to the barn every morning this winter though LOL!
    It didn't take much more than a few days for the dogs to clear the resident raccoons out of the barn!

  4. Lois,

    I am very happy to see that you have posted pictures of the new place!! It looks like the dogs are happy and most importantly it looks like you are happy.. I will be curious to see what you post next.. Thanks for all that you do!! Will be waiting for more puppy pictures as soon as Brisa delivers..

  5. Congrats. I guess I missed that you were moving. Looks like you found a great place to live and I wish you the best. Well your barn is pretty cool would like it myself. I am loving the occasional glimpse of the new puppies I get to see.

  6. Thanks Kristi and Dianea! Life really is wonderful and we were so lucky to find this place. It felt like home the first time we stepped into the house and the beautiful setting gives such a feeling of peace :-)
    We are all (animals included) extremely content and eagerly awaiting Brisa's litter in about a week!

  7. Your barn in wonderful. It is so hard to find a decent older barn now a days with a great house. Nice job on the place.